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Create in Adobe Photoshop text effects: Wheels

Create in Adobe Photoshop text effects: Wheels. If you want to copy someones wheels effect in advertising or create own one just follow me: Create a text effect is as simple as make your own breakfast. Making dishes with coconut oil gives only a positive effect on our entire organism, and the use of text effects will make your photos unique. Step1 Detect the font and try to find look alike around. In my case it was PlainGermanica.
Step2 Make new Photoshop file with 540 by 300 pixels and 72 ppi resolution. Its important to make my and your step identical and understandable. Fill up your background (zero) layer with hollow black color by hotkey D reseting foreground color completely black, then press Alt-Backspace (Option-Delete) to fill in the layer with black color. Choose Text-tool (hotkey T) and choose proper font (here it would be PlainGermanica) with font size of 112 pt.
Step 3 Draw the starting letter of your text with Custom Draw tool by clicking proper points for future letter (its image indeed) to appear in a way we need it.
Step 4 Set the foreground color to #345ba0 and background to #69c8fe. This would help us to make text visibility effect work well.
Step 5 Add appropriate levels of Emboss, Bevel and Gradient Overlay settings and apply. Now you may notice Layer Style icon at Layers Palette. Analyze the effects and results youve got and proceed to the next step.
Step 6 If you feel the setting you have is not well enough, right-click on a Layer Style pictogram and choose new settings for Bevel and Emboss. Now clip your levels into one new.
Step 7 Create new level at the most top of the Layers Then press hotkey U to change Custom Shape settings in Options panel.
Step 8 Now reset foreground and of course background colors by D button, and use hotkey X for switching the foreground to white. Holding the Shift drag some stars on a canvas. If you dont like the brightness of them, change the Opacity level to 80%. This would make sharp lines less visible.
Step 9 Now I could take any rim picture over the Web, change its Opacity to 30%, add the text I want and return some setting to previous condition. Well, that works. Make some experiment and you would love it.
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